Infant, Toddler & Preschool School Age Programs


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                                                                      About our childre centre

                                                                      Our mission is to provide inclusive, high-quality child re programs, edutional learning experiences and family resources in collaboration with area partners to help build a healthy community.

                                                                      Fully licensed childre

                                                                      Dutton Co-Operative Child re Centre Inc. provides licnesed childre in a positive learning environment fostering children’s well-being, learning and development through experiences that are initiated by the child and supported by reflective and responsive edutors.

                                                                      • Social & Fun

                                                                        We focus on cognitive and fine motor development. Programs are developed to meet the child’s needs, interests and sense of belonging.

                                                                      • Safe Environment

                                                                        Edutors provide a safe environment through supervision and inspections reducing hazards that may use injuries.

                                                                      • ring Staff

                                                                        Edutors support children to self-regulate by encouraging self-help skills, providing positive interaction, resources and activities such as turn taking, social interaction and problem solving.

                                                                      • Qualified Teachers

                                                                        Through edution, experience and reflective practices, our teachers create engaging environments and programs that foster every child’s learning and development.

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                                                                      Environments and activities support active play, rest and quiet time and are geared to each individual’s needs and interests.

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                                                                      MON-FRI 7:00 – 6:00

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                                                                      Phone: + 519-762-2399


                                                                      3 Lions Road,

                                                                      Dutton, ON? N0L 1J0

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